Friday, 29 January 2016

ALL in- Half full or half empty, what do you see?

And when you're up you're up, 
and when your down, you're down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down...

That half way place- that stuck in the middle place- that limbo place- that place where you are neither up nor down place.....that's a iffy place, because things can go either way...really fast.

not too hot
not too cold...
only half way there..
neither up nor down

I feel like I am right there. I feel like this blog is there. I feel like January is there. Churning out fresh content twice a week while having a full time all consuming job, being a full time single mom and trying to be a woman seeking out and walking in her purpose can get overwhelming. You can get to that place where you believe you are climbing the ladder and just get ... half way up.

What good is half way up anyways? It's just as good as half way down for me. You are not where you started, I get that, but at half way up, you can still see the ground, you can still see all the rubble, you are close enough that you can even still smell it. Half way up? Half way up is like getting stuck in a comfortable place, it's like you start thinking- I'm not where I started, so I'm much better off. I made changes, I made improvements. I lifted off the ground and that's great. I'm half way up!

Well you know what...for me...

When you're up, you're up
When you're down, you're down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down

Make your drink count- drink living water

I'm going with God on this one...lukewarn, well it's not making any sense....seriously.
If you're going to go for it- GO ALL IN already! Just climb all the way up and just go. Doesn't matter how you look on the half full or half empty......there is space to be filled up..go for overflow while you're at it.

Why just feel safe in a boat when you can walk on water?
why settle for being a great speaker when your words can raise the dead?
why write just a blog when it's in you to write a book?
why help one child when you can heal a nation?
why rejoice when you are happy when you should be so filled with rejoicing it spills over into everyone you meet?

Speak Lord, your servant heareth. I'm speaking to myself..if this is for somebody- it's for me!

I could be wrong. I could be seeing it all wrong.

Or maybe I just now got it. I've always been called a pessimist, because I didn't see this glass as half full...but honestly, I like a full glass, a full plate and I have the hips to prove if I, if we, could only apply it to every aspect of our lives...and go for broke...just get hot! red hot! fired up! for Him!

If only....
but we sit in pews
with hands neatly clasped
for fear of eyebrows raised
for fear of whispers and stares
even for fear that if we shout 
and rock our head all about
If we praise and shout Hallelujah
and the walls come tumbling down
that not only people will see us...
We Will See Ourselves
and worse still...
God Will See Us.....Yes...God

We run, we hide, only from him.
We go in great big circles, still
just to come back right where we started
back to the ground...
that was so near to that half- way thrill

teach me Lord to leave half way 
let me go ALL the way 
for you gave ALL your life to set me free
and half way there was never your plan for me.

Revelation is not a book of the Bible I like to read, truth is, I don't understand it much but this one thing, I did...for this one post.

Revelation 3:16 "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth."

Verse 15 ...says..."I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot."

And when you're up , you're up
and when you're down, you're down
and when you're only half way up
you're neither up nor down

Even nursery rhymes agree with Him.

Excerpts from the poem "The Noble Duke of York "adapted by Judy and David Gershan


  1. Great post Tanya very eye opening, in seeing things in a different perspective than what i already think

    1. Thanks Kerona, that is great.. It's always good to at least consider other perspectives.

  2. Hi Tee! What a blessing this post was as I was reading through it. Thanks so much for the great illustration, insight, and reflection it shows. Thanks much!! I'll remember this one!! Visiting today from Jaime's Linkup Party as your neighbor!
    Blessings on you!

    1. Pam.. Thanks a lot and I'm glad you were blessed by it and I hope you will walk on water!! It's possible

  3. Yes Yes and Yes! Why stay safe in a boat when I can walk on water? Great question. I am stepping out on Faith. No more half way. I want to go all the way!

  4. Anika, let us both try to just launch out, step out and walk. No looking back!

  5. 'All in!" -- Thanks for this good word, Tanya! Blessings :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Lyli and I am glad it was a blessing to you- ALL in indeed

  6. The Lord has had me to read the Revelation portion since I was even a kid at a church when I was 12. Then, didn't very often, especially until I thoroughly came to the Lord when I was 20, and for many years [I'm 70] He has had me live in that Book, sometimes several times a month. I'm buried in Revelation and, when my body and brain issue are not working well in our world, I'm looking forward to Heaven and to know more of the reality of the Revelation. Anyhow, bless you and thank you for how you shared so much around and about!!

    1. We can only imagine Caryjo, what will be revealed in heaven when we get there. I will try and re read it to see if I can have some greater level of understanding. Thanks for joining the conversation. Blessings