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-Hi, I'm Tanya

I timidly put my foot into the water, I didn't want to make waves, ripples were good but ripples are often times unseen.The problem with not being seen is that "a city that is set on a hill cannot be hid" (Mathew 5:14) - So, I must be bold, for such a time as this.

I'm a Jamaican mom, educator and Christian, who is on a journey to discovering God in my everyday life, in everyday things.

Truth be told, I met Him a long time ago, we were friendly but not friends, He's helped me out on occasions but I never really grasped the magnitude of it all but now I'm beginning to see...Him.

The thing is, the more I know of Him, is the more I realize just how Great He is and incidentally, it's the more I want to share Him with others.

I'm hoping you can get to discover Him as you travel on life's journey too; maybe, as you read my musings, you will take a 'stand' for Him and make your own waves.

JOURNEYS are always better with friends.

Drop me a line  below or @ and let's explore the possibilities.

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