Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Faith, the substance of things hoped for yet not seen

I've written about faith, but it seems I see in the natural. It seems my faith is written with disappearing ink. Paper based. Read off the pages of the Word, processed in the mind, understood in the heart but not transferred into everyday reality. Houston! - We have a problem!

Everyday I wake up,I see my realities. I do not see faith

Everywhere I go, I see my needs. I do not see faith.

Every time I ponder about new opportunities. I do not see faith.

Whenever I look at a bank statement. I do not see faith.

I see...a Natural reality!

I see...wants. Needs. Hopes. Disappointments. Delays. Progress too but...I do not see faith.

How do I get to see faith?

How do I abandon all that is mulling around in my head and take the plunge into unadulterated faith?

How do you get to a point that faith is all you see?

What does it look like? Feel like? smell like? Taste like? Can somebody please tell me?

Tell me so that I can breathe...........................Tell me so that I can please God.


  1. One of my favorite verses from Hebrews 11. What we hope for, the unseen. Dear friend don't be so hard on yourself. You are redeemed. God already sees you as He sees Christ. You don't have anything to prove or add to the amazing Grace that you have already been given. Breathe, the victory is already yours. Have a great week.