Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Stay connected

I'm not feeling it yet. The newness of the new year. That umph you get at the beginning of the new year to be fearless and at least start that new thing, at least for that first two weeks! My mind isn't cooperating and neither is my Wifi connection - I had to be jumping through hoops just to get this post up.

That tired feeling, that lack of umph feeling, that frustrating feeling that takes you over when you have internet connectivity problems feeling- it's telling you something.

This new year, I signed up for a bible plan- again!  Last year I signed up and I didn't finish - again. This time I came across a 90 day plan. Read the Bible in 90 days- Yes- 3 months! What made me think I could do that? I was to do in 90 days what I couldn't do in 365? 6 days in - and I'm 6 days behind! See what I mean about not feeling that new year umph?

As for my 40 by 40 campaign, well...I'm 6 days behind on that too.


I'm not sure I know entirely, but I'm sure it has something to do with that pesky Bible plan. I'm sure it has to do with a renewal of the mind and not a renewal of the year. I feel disconnected, even though I am trying to be totally connected.

Stay connected to the source................

The trick is not in renewing a bible plan, or your gym membership but renewing the mind for Psalm 119:150 says "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path."

So, I hope to have a better connection than my internet .............


  1. Hello Tanya, Don't are not alone... I'm also waiting to "feel" the new year and also looked into all kinds of Bible Plans and Ministries and things...I think the notion is correct if not the plan itself...It's part of trying to stay connected when we feel disconnected... I'm in-between lives, homes and all sorts at the moment and just staying connected to reality feels like a challenge...However, we are all in His we can rest knowing that ultimately God has the Plan to keep us connected... Hope this makes sense...Blessings

    1. It makes great sense Ariete and I know exactly how you feel. I do hope that your 'in between' situation clears up soon, We all need to feel connected to something and live in the now..our best life is what our creator desires for us. Thanks for stopping in and I pray we both find that connection

  2. I understand that disconnected feeling. I also understand when we get all fired up with lofty plans one day, then 'life' steps in and derails those plans. But, Tanya, if we do only that one good thing that is needful--spending time with the Almighty, then we've done enough.
    I hope your evening is blessed with connection from God above.

    1. Thanks Lady Gleniece and you are indeed right