Friday, 11 December 2015

When did God ask for your help exactly?

As I sat in air conditioned comfort, huddled between a stranger and a friend listening to a Korean pastor sharing God's word in a most animated tone, I couldn't help but smile in my heart at a God that sends messages in the wind that need no translation. The very last day of this seminar that I was invited to a week prior, was about faith - the very thing I was struggling with, just this week.

The message - just have faith - wait on God - don't try to help him accomplish his promises to you - he doesn't need your help!

After this message that I almost missed due to a full day of Christmas activities, there was a one on one 'ministering session'....being a strange face...I was bait. Not only was I bait - I was perplexed bait.
A sprightly chap tried his best to explain....needless to say - I didn't get it.

Do nothing while I wait? What do you mean do nothing? I have to do something...afterall - do I just sit around twiddling my thumbs and just wait?....NO - that wasn't flying with me. There must be something I can do....

The message referenced Abraham, Moses and David....

Abraham did something while he waited on God to fulfill his promise to him. He had Ishmael.  We all know how that turned out!

But still...what do I do in the between time?

Nothing! Just wait. Just depend on God's unwavering hand to do his work- his way - instead of  him having to accomplish his will plus fix your mess; you know- the mess you made trying to 'help' him.

Genesis 18:14 Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son. 

For there is nothing impossible for the Lord but there are many things that are not possible for you. And if you believe you had a hand in achieving God's plan for you; you might be tempted to glorify self!

But just do nothing?! 

So if the Lord promised you a husband, wouldn't it be logical that you would start to go out more? Visit some more parks? Attend more social events? Visit a few more churches? Become more social? Sign up for an online dating site perhaps? have to meet the person somewhere right? mean to say that a God that created the universe needs your help in providing a meeting spot for a husband he picked out for you since before the beginning of time? Really? Do you believe if you never leave your house again that God wouldn't still have you meet this person?

In the natural, the answer would be:  'to meet someone, you need to 'meet' them, so I would have to Do Something in order to 'help' God.

But, again the question is  "Is there anything impossible for God?"

Well, how about helping God to save people? How about starting a blog to get God's word out to the nations? Putting his words and work out there, showcasing our lives and experiences to build God's kingdom? Following truly the 'Great Commission" (Mathew 28:19)

Truth be told, most of everything I write ends up speaking to me and what God is trying to accomplish in me! If it's helping anybody else, it is not because of my writing style or bible knowledge - the two- need plenty of work - it is simply because of this - God's word cannot return void, but accomplish what it will. His will is being done. I am merely an instrument. If it were for me alone..I'd be fast asleep in bed!

Does God need our help? Probably not!

 But, I had an issue with what the pastor was saying!

My reasoning - God uses people, people come into your lives, they change the course of it; many help you find God, some help you rekindle your relationship with God, others through their hurt, betrayal and disappointment help you to lean on God - all done through- well - People. So you look through a lens that views - people- as the vehicle in which you 'found' God.

But was all God...all the time...working through people! They were not helping God. God was helping them. Helping them to reconcile his people unto himself.

The fact that God works through man to accomplish his will does not mean he needs our help to do anything! I have to let this marinate a little. I need time with this one.

Humans, are busy little bees, buzzing around, pollinating brightly coloured open flowers, who are blowing in the wind, waiting to be impregnated with the Word. Trouble is- all these busy little bees are buzzing around with their own words, their own ideas, and their own thoughts on how they can 'help' God accomplish his will. Many have good intentions. The road to hell is paved with many a good intention.

Bees, are responsible for one-third of the world's food supply! Imagine that! Now imagine us being busy bees pollinating one-third of the world with our own version of what God wants us to do to help Him! Scary thought!

So, do nothing to help God probably doesn't mean to sit around and twiddle your thumbs afterall. Maybe it means do nothing of yourself.
Do nothing from your own imaginings.
Do nothing from the standpoint of vain deceits, because God's ways are not your ways; so in helping him it is perfectly plausible that you will create major problems for yourself and others.

So, instead, wait on the promise. Have faith in the unseen. Read, study, pray and be guided, even if the rain you are waiting for takes 120 years. Building the Ark doesn't mean you are helping God, it means you are being obedient to what God has told you to do for Him to accomplish His will.'s what I think anyways. Maybe you disagree...

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Readings: Isaiah 55


  1. Hi Tanya ... welcome to blogging ... I may be late to your page, but I'm welcoming you just the same.

    I do disagree. Everything is possible with God. You may not see his approach, his way, but His will be done, in His time. I may be too technological, but using the example you gave, you may meet that man through blogging, if you don't go out and socialize in the usual manner. You may just get the result you are looking for, but not in the usual manner. And remember, that it is not always what you are looking for that you will get, if it is not God's will. Faith is a very hard thing to accept, but if you believe in God, you have to yield to it 100% ... "it's what I think anyways ... Maybe you disagree ..."

    PS. I'm about to resurrect my blogging ... I just came to see if blogspot is still what it used to be or if I should go with wordpress where my other blog is.

    1. Hey Nioka, thanks for the welcome, you aren't that late to the party! Lol..
      I believe everything is possible with God too but I struggle with the 'how' to have natural inclinations wrestle with my spiritual self...I'm still exploring this, time...I will get what God is saying for me. I look forward to your blog. Just let me know when you are up and running. Whichever platform you choose
      I'm made to understand blogger is a bit simplier to use.

    2. God gave us a plethora of talents and abilities, and included the cherished gift of "agency". In other words, it is up to up as individual to accept and develop those talents and abilities to serve ourselves, our families, our friends, and indeed many others, and to do so in many ways. Believe it or not, it is the truth. Just do it! Prove it out.

    3. Thanks Biller, I will tell you how it goes.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. I am going to like you said. Marinate in this for awhile. Glad you stopped by to share at Sitting Among Friends. Hope to see you back next week.

    1. I think I am still marinating in it too Jaime, because of the faith without works verse; although I am not sure if that is how it should be interpreted, especially using the example of Abraham. Let me know what you are lead to in your 'marinating'. Oh yes, I will be back to your party!

  3. I see a lot of value in what you say. I think that, maybe I do things a lot thinking that they will have an impact. The truth is that they just might have an impact that I do not want. It may be better to wait in the Lord. You've given me a lot to consider this morning.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Amanda, it is indeed a lot to think about, and trust that I am still thinking about it too. Waiting on the Lord is best I believe.