Wednesday, 28 October 2015

All lives matter to the God who created all life

When you make a plan to write on Wednesdays and Fridays, and you are staring on a blank canvas, and watching the sand run out on Wednesday, you wonder. Was my plan to write on these two days His plans or mine?

I usually write when something impacts me or I get something resonating deep within. Something so demanding that if I don't let it out, it would consume me. 

Today.....I had no such conviction. Zilch. Nada...nothing!

Then, today, I learn that I have an event to attend at my daughter's school guessed it..Friday night - another night I said I would write. I thought - well isn't this nice.  

So what's a girl to do? 

John 2:5 His mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

It's the hardest thing to obey the simplest things that God asks us to do but if He asks you to do it , it is for your good. The best wine was saved for the last, who does that the master of ceremonies asked the groom. Nobody but my Lord, for His ways are not my ways and if He says write when you have nothing to write about, write anyways and see what happens! I'm preparing you for greater - for the latter rain!

So from 2 days to 19 babies. 19 babies have died in Jamaica recently from a bacterial infection that has been dubbed the 'Dead Babies Scandal'. You can read more about it here. It has become a huge talking point, a political football of  nine day wonder proportion. Nine day wonder is a saying which means you talk about something for a while, then you forget about it soon after. But in an almost election year, this 'scandal' has taken on a life of its own. I usually don't write about controversial issues, but I heard something today that got me thinking.

The babies that died were preemies and the Minister of Health has referred to them as 'not babies- in the real sense' and my head started spinning. 

They are not babies, in the real sense.............sounds a lot like ............. foetuses aren't babies either.

It's funny how in this world, we value things on an hierarchical system, but what makes a life a life? What makes a life more real than another? What makes a foetus a baby? A human being? Is it birth?

So if a live baby is what's worthy, does it's weight matter?  Does the fact that it has under developed lungs puts it lower on the hierarchy? Apparently it does.

Apparently it does, and this is why a human being, once a foetus, could be comfortable enough in their skin to buy body parts of aborted babies, you know those babies that weren't 'real' enough for birth.

I feel like we treat old people the same way we treat babies and foetuses, like they have no voice, no rights, because maybe they have little to contribute in a world that doesn't value to frailty or sanctity of life. A life knitted in a womb by a masterful craftsman.

God values all life. God is life...He is the breath of every human the real sense.

Funny thing as I wrote about hierarchy, a revelation came to me. At bible study, we discussed how we as people view persons' sins in the very same way. We have some sins on a higher level of the totem pole, others lower because they are not deemed as that 'important'. They are small, dare I say 'premature?'

To be  honest, I rate sins...the pastor said I shouldn't. I didn't get it. All sin is SIN but the consequences are greater he said. I knew it in theory but ...I didn't get it, until now. Just now...writing these words on a canvas that was blank.

People, babies, preemies, foetuses, don't have an hierarchy - they are all God's creations and we all started out the same way. A sperm meeting an egg, a seed was planted. And that is as real as it gets. 

Sin too my friends has no has no order of importance and it started with a seed. A seed of deception. Galatians 6, which we are studying at bible study asks us to restore our brothers who are overtaken in sin with gentleness, lest you also be tempted. I want not to condemn our goodly Minister of Health in his pronouncements - just to say- all lives are real, equal and precious in the sight of God.

 If God said it, I will believe it..where He leads, He guides, He provides provision - There was a post in me after all, and it's still my neck of the woods!

All lives matter to God, do you feel the same way? Join the conversation, let me know your views. 

Related readings : Galatians 6; John 2, 1-10.


  1. Love your post tanya. would love it if you could check my blog out and even join my site would be really appreciated.

    1. Already done Kerona,and thanks for your joining the conversation. We all are precious in God's eyes

    2. Thank you . not many people always reply and actually follow me. I really appreciatr it and may God continue to bless you and your family. Very inspirational blog

    3. And may God bless you and your love, all will work out in the end

    4. Thank you so much for yout kind words

  2. Beautiful once again friend. Life does matter. As a mother who has lost 3 unborn babies, they mattered, every precious one of them. One day I can only hope that I will get to meet their sweet faces and I will see how truly alive and precious all of them are. Praying for your journey.

    1. Awww..Jaime, I can just imagine how heart rending that was for you and your family but God is faithful, and yes all lives matter and real in every sense! Thanks for your support, Ieft a few messages for you in Hangouts.