Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Fasting, does it move God?

Fasting. That Christian discipline. Fasting. That Christian discipline that Jesus said would remove certain kinds of demons. Fasting. That Christian discipline that Jesus said would remove certain kinds of demons often never goes as we plan.

On my very first serious Christian fast, I had high hopes. I expected a divine visitation. I expected Jesus himself to visit me in those quiet prayerful moments. I was waiting on the bright lights, the tears to flow and a life forever changed. I would become, after that encounter a Christian missionary or something equally selfless and fabulous!  As you probably already guessed, that did not happen. God rarely does what is expected.

What I got was something entirely unexpected. I looked relatively the same but my sensibilities had changed. My heart had decidedly become a little softer. Hard was becoming soft. I didn't sign up for that. I was in it for a change in altitude, I wanted to bear fruit, I wanted to find my purpose, I wanted an encounter.

Jesus, it seems, was in it for the heart of it.

I listened to the preacher Paula White a lot during that period. Her thoughts on fasting, and I paraphrase here:- 'Fasting does not move God, it moves you.' I wavered in agreement at the time, but at the end, I saw her point. God probably is less impressed that you can bring yourself to stay away from food to allow yourself to spend time with him. After all, we were made to worship him, for in him we live and have our being.

God I believe is decidedly pleased that you have decided to allow him to do a work in you. It is his work, his plan and he will accomplish it as he wills.

Bearing fruit, that Psalm 1 kind of bearing, takes being placed at a spot where there will be an abundance of sustainance; it requires deep roots, it requires pruning, mulching. It requires time but most of all, it requires that seed- that seed that needs to be planted on a soft heart- first!...

Fasting moves you to be obedient to God's probing and prodding. When he says move..move! When he says wait...wait.

Which brings me to my point. I haven't written in a while, partly because I had become very busy with obligations at work but upon listening in my fast...I heard...stop.

I feel like I am hearing that my blog needs to take a different direction, it is actually a series I have been mulling around in my mind for awhile but kept putting it off. So, I am listening for confirmation... I believe I have it now but doubt is still there.

So while me and my heart work out our issues, and I work on my obedience and faith. I will write what is laid on my heart, as I have always done.

That fasting thing. It accomplishes what it will. That Christian fasting. That  Christian fasting thing. That Christian fasting thing that Jesus said will get rid of certain demons, he did it too. He did it before he started his public ministry.  If he can, why not us?

What is your experience with fasting?
Did you get what you imagined you would?
Share your experience with us...

The now empty nest

The empty nest



  1. As difficult as fasting can be, I love the end results. Fasting really helps to clear the clutter from my mind, spirit and body. It refreshes me on so many levels. The more I fast the more I realize how much I NEED TO DO IT! Fasting brings a lot of things to the surface, things that I didnt realize were there.

  2. A whole lot and you can't try to suppress it either