Thursday, 3 September 2015

How to be colour blind in a red hot summer of tears


He walked on water.

He invited one of us to do the same.

He did.

Then he started to look where he was, he looked at the waves, he took his

eyes off God.

He became afraid.

He started to sink...

Until – he took His hand.

The blood.

Red blood, shed, for us – for what?


I looked in disbelief at red on the shores

A baby, dead in red, blood red.

My heart sank.

I felt that pain only a parent can know. A child lost, hope dashed. And I cried

for the state of the world.

My heart screams why?
I feel hopeless. Helpless. Hapless.

Then I felt anger, angry that people are risking their lives to live as free
I am angry that people value borders over people
I am angry that countries are building walls instead of bridges
I am angry because Jesus gave his life already...

He gave his life already!!

What more is He supposed to do?
What more can He do?

He painted our freedom in red. Blood red.

But still red washes up on shores.
A baby in red.
And no one cares.

We post pictures of our dinner.

I'm sad.
I don't know what to say
I don't know how to pray
It's been a very hot summer
When the world screamed #blacklivesmatter


The only colour that really matters is red.
Blood red.

We fight to preserve a land that's not our own
Why don't these poor people leave us alone?
Our resources are already stretched thin
We don't want you,
Matters not the colour of your skin.

But if you looked to Him, and not on the wave
So many of these poor people could be saved

Red – washed up on the shore
A man froze the image in time
A world watched – for the very first time
A father wishes to be dead
Government official became talking heads


All I see is red.
Blood red.

Already shed.

 For Aylan.........

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  1. Thank you for sharing at Seeking God In All I Do. This is a beautiful cry from a mother's heart. It is hard to tell a world that is living in sin to understand and see that Christ has already given us a way. They are blinded and until the scales are pulled from their eyes and Christ is revealed this is the world we have to endure. Sadness fill the hearts of so many and your tenderness and endurance for Christ will make a difference. Many blessings friend.

  2. Jaime, you are very right indeed, we must lead the way, the blind won't see that there is indeed enough for us all.